Hello Everyone-

I will be starting a very busy surgery internship in a few weeks and I need a efficient training program. I will be working around 80 hours per week so I am looking for something around 3x/week, 1 hour per session. I'm thinking a solid ABA, BAB program that hits all of the major muscle groups is the way to go.

I am 26. 6'3'' around 207lbs. Ex college football player, been lifting since high school. Fairly disciplined when it comes to diet and training. I have been counting calories and macro's since January with some good results. Currently eating around 2600 cals/day on average. My medium term goal is to lean out to single digit BF (around 12% right now) and keep my strength up.

If anyone had any suggestions, or personal experience with training on top of a rigorous schedule, I would love to hear it. Thanks.