question about possible injury?

  1. Exclamation question about possible injury?

    I'm new to lifting so I may sound dumb but i had to cut my session short today because of this. I just got off of a 1 week break from lifting. I am about half way through my session and I"m doing my squats and on about my 5th squat i began to feel a throbbing sensation in the back of my head. It was so bad I just had to stop right there. Then after leaving the gym i'm in line at the grocery store to buy some milk and I notice my knees are slightly shaking. Any ideas?

  2. Sounds like an exertion headache. If it goes away after you train, it's probably not a big deal. If it keeps happening every time you train, you should go and see a doctor.
    Are you carrying the bar too high on your squats (i.e. up on your neck)? Check your bar placement to make sure it's not contributing to the problem.

  3. Thanks. The pain went away a half hour after I left the gym. I'll see if it comes back on Monday. I've been lifting for about a year and thats the first time it has ever happened. Also when I squat the bar is more on my shoulders and back than my neck. Just wondering, could it also be something with my CNS? I was just reading some things.. Thanks again.

  4. Ive had similar a couple of times, just seems to be exertion related, one even lasted for around 24 hours after a particularly brutal squat challenge.

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