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    Advice on Mens Health Tip

    Let me first state that I get it for free (work) so spare me the MH sucks comments. At any rate in this months Mens Health (pg 48) it gives a tips for gaining size and strength in your arms and I was wondering what you guys thought. Here is what it says to do:

    1. Choose a biceps and triceps exercise.

    2. Select a weight you can lift about 8 times.

    3. Lift the weight once, and return bar to rack.

    4. Rest 5-10 seconds. Repeat the cycle 20 times total for the biceps exercise. Then do triceps.

    5. Each week add small amounts of weight.

    I have pretty good size and strength as is but am working a new job that limits my time in the gym until I get settled, thought this, IF it works would be a nice change of pass until I can get back at it full time. I didnt want just start this and loss size and strength because i was doing it wrong or it just plain didnt work, so any advice would be appreciated.

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    I'm not sure about this seems like you'd be wasting a lot of time. Why not just incorporate supersets or do some circuit training if you're short on time?

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