shoulder pain

  1. shoulder pain

    i've been experiancing shoulder pain.i've been using proper lift i need to consitrate more on my shoulder exercises???? I apologize if i'm on the wrong page new to this site.any input would be appreciated

  2. what kind of pain? where exactly is it? what exercises cause you pain? do you have pain only when you exercise? more details please. Also, you may want a doctor's opinion if it's really bad.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by aubigd View Post
    i've been experiancing shoulder pain.i've been using proper lift i need to consitrate more on my shoulder exercises???? I apologize if i'm on the wrong page new to this site.any input would be appreciated
    There are many reasons why you have been getting shoulder pain. As to what it is depends on many factors, and cannot simply be solved by saying "do this and it will go away".

    You'd need to know:
    - what kind of pain (i.e. sharp, burning, dull aching, etc., as different types of pain dictate whether it is bone, nerves, or muscular pain)
    - when the pain occurs (i.e. doing what movement)
    - location of the pain
    - how long the pain lasts
    - how often the pain occurs
    - how long the pain has been recurring
    - previous injuries (rehabilitated or not, current)
    etc., etc.

    If this is a persistent issue, then I would recommend that you see a physiotherapist, who can do a series of tests (as well as a full questionnaire; although, if they know their stuff they will be able to know what is causing it from asking questions alone, and the tests just confirm their call) to determine the cause of the pain/injury, and then write a specific rehabilitation programme (if applicable) or advise what to do.

    In the meantime, the best thing for you to do would be to stop doing any exercises that aggravate your shoulder and cause that pain.
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  4. google ur symptoms tell us when it hurts where exactly what lifts etc...

  5. its n my joints.seems like after doin bench press.its not after i workout its day after or usually bothers me while at work or when lifting misc. stuff.probably will go see dr.just dont like dr's.thanks for the info just wanted some feedback before seein a dr.


    what you're describing is bench pressers shoulder, one of the most common injuries in bodybuilding.

  7. do u think it would bea bad idea to do my bench with dumbells 4 a while before gettin back on the barbell.and what causes bench pressers shoulder???

  8. Dude absolutely put the bar down and pick up the dumbells that's a no brainer. You will see much better results from the bells anyway. Start with some hammers with light weights and gradually move up until you get the form down to change. I bet your form is messed up or you are not training shoulders much. Stare at the mirror while doing it to ensure that you are lifting right. Not everybody stares at themselves because they are in love I was getting sore joints all the time and just working through the pain. Then I realized that my routines were incorrect and I was putting stress in places that were unnecessary anyway. Dumbells completely changed my workouts for the best. BTW, I hope your not trying to lift the bar behind the neck

  9. read this, it should explain what's happening.

  10. you sleep with your arm(s) over your head? I've been PTing for about 14 years now, mostly middle aged and older people. A lot of them come in with shoulder pain, and most of those say they sleep with their arms over their heads. That position will pinch your supraspinatus (I think I spelled that right), one of your four rotator cuff muscles. Just a possibility that noone else mentioned. You'll then get pain when doing many kinds of pushing exercises, bench press, shoulder press, lateral raises, etc... Or, do you have a job with a lot of repetitive motions using that arm? Is a common pain in painters, drywaller tapers, jobs like that.

  11. i would do some light stretching of your shoulders before your chest. Also make sure your not putting all the weight on your shoulders while benching make sure its hitting your chest. Your form might be off.
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