Bicep Peak Pics

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  1. Thumbs down Bicep Peak Pics

    My biceps are like long flat plains. Are there specific exercises that give the Biceps that Peak or rounded shape?
    Here's some pics of the flatness.

  2. what kind of bicep excersises do you usually do?

  3. Dude is that a squirrel underneath your arm?

  4. Oh yeah and concentration curls, preacher curls, isolate the bi's as much as possible to hit that peak. Hold at full contraction for a second or three before releasing. Also, switch up what exercises you are doing, if you keep doing the same thing you will probably keep getting the same results.

  5. Unless you plan on hitting a back double bi at the beach, why don't you just try and get them bigger.

  6. monkey curls dude. those work for me.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by mattikus View Post
    Dude is that a squirrel underneath your arm?

    Quote Originally Posted by heyarnold View Post
    monkey curls dude. those work for me.

    WTF is that?

    Big arms, what size are they?
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  8. concentration curls and preacher curls really helped mine.

    Some of peak's are genetics though brah.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mattikus View Post
    Dude is that a squirrel underneath your arm?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Connman View Post
    My biceps are like long flat plains. Are there specific exercises that give the Biceps that Peak or rounded shape?
    Here's some pics of the flatness.

    You would be surprised at what you can get from curling 30 lb DB'S.
    Go for 4 set's of 10.
    Once your ok with that, "If your not there already"
    Do 5 sets, each until failure.
    Use a good pre workout supp to get a killer pump going.
    That will give you the rounded FX you are looking for.

    TC Bro.


  11. Make sure you have rotation in some of your curls go from a hammer curl position at the bottom and rotate your palm toward the ceiling while you curl, past flush if you can. Arnold spoke of this one time and I started doing that with my curls and noticed a difference I hope that description is clear enough.

  12. Here is my Bi, with my half finished tattoo
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  13. My arm's measured 18" last week and I may have less peak than you. The longer the bicep goes towards your forearm the harder it is for it to peak. Shorter biceps are the ones you see with crazy peaks most of the time. Just keep getting them bigger then one day hopefully they'll run out of room sideways and go up .

  14. When you are doing biceps exercises, do you get a deep lactic acid burn in the belly of your biceps? Or do you feel like you didn't get much in them but for some reason your shoulders are tired or sore after your workout? The exercises that have been mentioned are awesome, but if your form sucks, you don't straighten your arms all the way, and your shoulders are rotating to get the weight up, then you still won't get the most benefit. If so, just lower the weight a bit and do some sets where of 12-15, with strict form. Don't sling the weight, lean back, move your shoulders, just move your arms from the elbows down. Elbows should stay down if doing standing or seated curls. If doing preachers, you shouldn't have to pull back with your whold body to get the last reps in. Focus and do enough reps that when you feel that burn start, prob around rep 7-9 or so, do 5-10 more. those extras are the key to make sure you are hitting your target muscle. Pick 2 exercises, and do 3-4 sets of 10-15, controlled reps where at least the last 5-6 burn like hell. If you have to lower the weight to get the last set, fine. Don't do anything else for them and let us know how they feel the next day. As you learn the form for the exercises and feel the burn, you can start to go up in weights. But you should be able to feel that burn even when doing heavy weight and lower reps.

    Don't worry about having to lift lighter. I'm definitely not the strongest guy in the gym, nor do I want to be. But I had to take the time to learn how to blast the targeted muscle and get the most results with lower weights. You become more efficient and it helps reduce chances of injuries down the road. You should also apply this principle to all your lifting if you goal is to devlop your physique as opposed to just be a poerlifter. Powerlifting is a complete different ball game that plenty of others can help with that. Learn how to hit your muscles correctly, then as strength develops, you can do low reps, heavy weights, and know how to apply the stress to the right areas.

    Let us know what kind of routine you are currently doing, exercises, sets, reps if you have any other questions, we can help.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid? View Post

    WTF is that?

    Big arms, what size are they?

    Find a high incline bench and lay chest down with you arms hanging forward then curl the weight.


  16. I agree.. this excercise kicks @ss, you can't swing your back at all to cheat, you don't need that much wieght and this exercise really hits the bi's
  17. UKStrength
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    If it is it's now dead...

    To the OP,

    I really like doing DB curls GVT style (10 x 10), seated on an incline bench.

    The weight will be really low, but the incline should help minimise any cheating and really squeeze at the top of the movement.

  18. My bi's are only sittin at 17", I think mixing up your exercises really helps, you have the inside, outside, peak, lower bi.... its hard to hit the whole bi in one day so I try to mix it up everytime I do them.

    preacher culrs.. inside and outside grip on the EZ curl or even single arm DB
    stright bar curls.. good for the peak
    hammer curls
    revers curls.. great for the lower bi and upper forarm

    Hundreds of diffarent bi excercises..

  19. The shape of the muscle is largely genetic, as is where it inserts or originates. There are variations with every person in these factors. The best you can hope to do is increase the overall mass of the bicep.

  20. I had the same thing. What I did was after preachers or seated curls I would just flex with my palm up, the monkey curl I guess, for a full second. 10 reps each arm. If that makes any sense. It really feels like your muscle balls up. I actually got cramps the first couple times i did it. But it made a difference for me. I saw an interview with Arnold where he did a similar thing with his tris to gain mass.

  21. Thanks for the feedback. Some really good advice and also some really funny comments.

    I don't know what size my bi's are prob 15".

    I do feel like my Form is lacking! I feel like I use my Shoulders a little too much, but I really feel like I use my Forearms too much; and my forearms are relatively big/strong. When I'm doing curls my forearms burn out way before my bi's and I just can't hit the biceps like I want to. Any Tips?

    The exercises I do are:

    1. Standing straight bar 21's which are basically lifting the bar half way up from my waist 7 times then lifting from half position all the way up to my chest 7 times then 7 full curls.
    4 sets

    2. Preacher curl with ez curl bar.
    4 sets

    3. Down the rack dumbbell curls. I start at 25lbs and go down the rack to 5lbs 8 reps each.
    2 sets

    I appreciate all the suggestions.

  22. BTW that's a cool tattoo

  23. Here are mine from my pics thrad:

    from Nov07

    From this year (I think)

  24. Quote Originally Posted by jcp2 View Post
    Unless you plan on hitting a back double bi at the beach, why don't you just try and get them bigger.
    I'd like to get them bigger with a peak. Just in case I feel the urge to hit that double bi on the beach.

  25. The time my Bi's grew the most was on Texas Method, where I was squating 3 times a week and did no direct bicep work for 4 weeks. After that I did a volume program which at that point was only like 2 exercises for bi's and 2 for tri's 3-4 sets of 10-12 and my arms blew up. I gained most of the mass from Texas Method and not working my arms at all.


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