IronMan and muscle loss?

  1. IronMan and muscle loss?

    Hi everyone,

    Ive been really wanting to compete in an IronMan event sometime this year, but I dont want to end up looking like a stick.
    On average, how much muscle loss doing you think I will have during the event. 2.3 mi swim, 112 mi cycle, 26.2 mi run. (I would carb load week before and consume tons of carbs during the event)
    Ive got a lot of muscle on my small frame and been lifting for years, i just also love doing running events. and i wanna accomplish an IronMan!

  2. first of all u have to train for it? all the training is whats gonna make u loose muscle...
    the event it self wont. I mean if u roll outta bed and try it one day u might loose a couple pounds but ur going to loose a great deal of mass training for it.

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