1. HELP MEE?

    i am trying to just become more overall muscular.....i have lifted for awhile and i have a good routine im a strong kid but im looking for a better just raw badass muscle type of apperance....i am getting there slowly but i am also loosing a alota weight? is this a problem i use all size gainer supps but i diet now and stick to it pretty welll...i enjoy being a bigger guy do i have anything to worry about?? or just stick to my plan keep burning fat and then start a bulk once i am happy with my body

  2. what kind of training routine are you doing? What would you say your daily calorie intake is? More we know, more we can help!

  3. i train 5 to 6 times a week.... i eat alot but its mostly healty,protein bars,chicken, lean turkey, i dont diet like a bodybuilder but i just watch what i eat...i have no idea what my calorie intake is in a day

  4. Things you should figure out:

    What you eat and when. Just keep a log for a week to get a basic idea. Don't cut back. Then total cals for each day to see where ur at.

    What is your exact split?

    With that we can help you.
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