Xtreme tren & 5x5 Training

  1. Xtreme tren & 5x5 Training

    Should I do the 5x5 training method while on Tren?

  2. One thing you should NOT do is.... NOT post the same question 4 times.

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  3. I agree. There was no reason to post this four times in a row like that, it's only necessary to post once. People will answer your questions. 5 x 5 is a good rep/set scheme; however, IMO if you would aim for 5 x 5 it should be ramping sets. The biggest benefit to 5 reps is lifting with a lot of intensity (weight), if you were to do 5 straight sets of the same intensity, you'd have to lift very light weight, so aim for ramping sets.
    Example- you want your final set to be 5 reps with 225.

    Set 1- 135 x 5
    Set 2- 155 x 5
    Set 3- 185 x 5
    Set 4- 205 x 5
    Set 5- 225 x 5

    A person of the same strength that would choose a more steady rep range (like me) would choose 3 x 5.

    Set 1- 210 x 5
    Set 2- 210 x 5
    Set 3- 210 x 5

    It's whatever you choose.

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