RB Football Pre-Season...What do u guys think so far? Suggestions?!

  1. RB Football Pre-Season...What do u guys think so far? Suggestions?!

    Alright guys....i need some help/advice. Im going to be a Sophomore in high school and im going to play Running Back again for the 4th year in a row. I started lifting last summer and on monday i start again this summer after about 1 week off. I am going to get the Drive/RPM/Neo Var stack on Thurs. or Fri. I obviously want to get stronger (right now max. Squat 400, Bench 250, Cleans 250) and i want to get faster. Im doing an acceleration program this summer but i also want to do some running on my own. Monday i will be able to put my workout on here and i am going to start running.

    IT WOULD BE AWESOME if you guys could lay out an ideal diet for me (5'6 160) and tell me what to run and how much. Also should i swim alot?? So ANY TIPS AND OTHER ADVICE would be awesome!! Also it would be great if you could answer my ?s!!


  2. swimming laps is a great alternative to cardio and is definitely a great activity. It's not my expertise, but I do do it on the occasion. As for RPM, Drive, and Neovar just follow the dosing recommended on the back of the bottle. Check out velocity training and use parachute/ sled to get your speed and power up.

  3. Is there a certain parachute i should get? Does it matter what size?

  4. the bigger the size the more difficult.

  5. Ik but what should i start off with b/c I dont wanna have to buy another one this summer

  6. they arent expensive. like 20-40 i think... I don't know man look it up. my high school used to have parachutes for us... see if yours does

  7. I would advise against buying a parachute. They mess with your running mechanics and nothing can ever replace or be better than sprints with full recovery for speed development.

  8. WTF??! so ur saying don't get one b/c it will mess up my form?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by warriors34 View Post
    WTF??! so ur saying don't get one b/c it will mess up my form?
    Yes, the resistance is uneven. Would you do a squat with 200 pounds on one side and 175 on the other?

    Don't bother wasting your money.

    Would you probably get some gains from it? Yeah probably some slight gains. If you are under trained or a beginner then most gadgets will work to get you faster because you are training where as before you weren't.

    To get faster the basics are the best, always have been and always will be. For football, work on short sprints ( 10 to 40 yards ) and make sure you have full CNS recovery before each sprint. To get faster you need to run faster and you need full recovery to achieve this. Lift heavy and be sure to keep your reps low.

    If you haven't already do a google search for Westside for Skinny Bastards 3.

    It is easily the best generalized program out there for football players.

    Swimming on your low intensity days will help for active recovery but make sure you eat like a horse.

  10. keeep hitting ur legs hard man.. look at all the NFL RBs they have huge legs. maybe squat 2 x a week heavy day and one high rep day 20 reps or so.. work core movents and mke sure to throw in heavy curls for holding on to the ball and u need to get ut weight up if u want d1 scholarships i was 160 as a senior didnt cut it... u need to be at least 185

  11. ok thanks thats the best help ive got yet

  12. I played RB/QB in high school - LB in college I would definitely say that you need to lift hard, eat a lot of food - work on speed, agility, foot work. Squats, deadlifts, power cleans, bench, rows, pullups, military press, thats about all you need man. at 160lbs you are pretty small, I would try to bulk up if you can and still keep your speed. I ran a 4.70 when i was a Soph, and then all I did was run sprints all summer long 100s and 200s i gained 15lbs and still cut my 40 down to 4.51... thats my advice good luck

  13. im not that tall tho..

  14. Quote Originally Posted by warriors34 View Post
    im not that tall tho..
    Barry Sanders - the greatest running back I have ever seen play the game

    5'8" 200lbs.

    I would say you still need to gain at least 20lbs if you want move to the next level, but if you just want to play in HS then you will be fine where you are at.

  15. go to those bleachers that u want the college recruits to sit in and do sprints on them til you die...never forget about squatting either

  16. I do do stairs...i guess i need to do them more...should i even bother putting my workout on here?? And could someone give me a good link to a diet or lay one out for me please?! Thanks!

  17. Football is the greatest sport in America and requires lots of dedication and training... Get the advice of a CSCS would be my recommendation...


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