Squats and Back Pain

  1. Squats and Back Pain

    Lately I've been getting pain in my lower right back after the past two times I've squatted. This has never happened before and my form is as good as ever. Does anyone know what would would cause pain to occur on only one side of my lower back? I'm thinking I might need to take a week or two off from squats to let it heal.

  2. Going to the gym now. Arms today. Hopefully this back pain doesn't interfere too much.

  3. have you changed foot positioning? what about a belt?
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  4. i get it deadlifting too sometimes just when u go to heavy to often and dont warm up enough.

  5. The proposed conclusion that I was going to say was exactly in your introduction, take a week off or so then see how it goes.

  6. Try a belt when going heavy. You may need to work on your core. Definately having a strong core will assist in keeping solid form and minimize potential injuries to the back. If this injury is fairly new then perhaps you should take a break from squats and do another exercise. I get constant pain in my right arm when I work out to constant.


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