Kickers lift too...

  1. Kickers lift too...

    Alright here's the deal. I kick for a college football team. We have a nice workout program for our summer lifting/nutrition programs, but I'm looking to modify what I've been working with to maximize my shot at doing well in next year's combine. And when I say modify, I mean go in a completely different direction. I've used the program the last three summers and have gotten decent results, but normal lifting programs are a little counterintuitive for placekickers/punters.

    I'm looking to maintain flexibility (especially in my hip flexors as that's where a majority of the explosive power snap of the leg is generated), while gaining more strength for height/distance. Heavy squats are best for mass/strength gains, but with narrow hips and relatively tall (6'3"), I've found that I do better with press machines for strength.

    What I'm asking is advice for training splits on how to maximize growth without burning my legs out before camp in the fall. I'll be kicking 3-4 times a week all summer, so that's a lot of stress on the 'ole legs. I'm thinking higher reps will probably be best, but I am looking for added strength gains (hah, obviously and isn't everyone). Can I get away with legs twice a week on top of all that kicking or is that overkill? I've gotten the advice from our trainers, but I'm not one hundred percent sold that the current program is going to maximize my summer so I thought I'd see if anybody has any suggestions for workouts/splits.

    If you've got advice, I've got ears. Thanks homies.

  2. maybe use a westside type approach modifed a bit.. like squat for heavy day 1-3 rep max...

    and then do a speed day or high rep day? im no expert on legs but id maybe start there. because u cant have big body builder legs and kick u would loose flexabilty westside to a limit should get ur legs strong and in good shape without making them trees

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