Rotator cuff

  1. Rotator cuff

    Hi Guys,

    Basically an instructor made me do some ROM movements and said i have some major weaknesses in my RC and to start building them.

    Anyone have any experience here?
    Like how much volume/weight is ideal or beneficial?
    How often to hit them?
    Are there different angles i need to hit or will one-two movements suffice?

    Thanks guys.

  2. Well as a pitcher we do drills to strengthen our rotator cuffs often cords and weights are the basis for them we usually use 3 pound weights if you google rotator cuff exercises and they mention cords and weights they can give examples of them.

    I wouldnt use too much weight the rotator cuff isnt too strong id deffinately stay under 10lbs

  3. if ur having major problems with em work them maybe 2 times a day with threapy bands and 5 pound weights. Ice and heat 3 x a day.. if you just need to hit them hard and there not causing pain start doing rear delt flyes and only work rear delt drop all front delt workouts.. and warm up rotator cuffs doing external rotations internal rotations 3 x 15 with 5 pounds.. and after ur workout cool em down with 3 x 10 with 10 pounders...

    google shoulder savers, rotator cuff tnation.. they all have some good workouts on there websites look at em and the work.

    i was maxing 240 2 dec ago (07) and i couldnt even shoot a basketball and bench dropped to 205 x 2... i did those things mentioned above and healed my shoulder myself.

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