complete noob wants help plz :)

  1. complete noob wants help plz :)

    Hey guys,

    Firstly, I want to thank people in advance, I've been looking over quite a few threads and can tell this is a really supportive board.

    Right now I am 21, living in aus, and in terms of size im very small. Weighing only 65 kilos, I've been in the weights room like 20 times total in my life.

    I want to get into building my body, in size and strength, however at this point in time I want to build bulk more than anything.

    Although Ive done some research in your forums and other websites, finding information about bulk building is easy however im not sure if things might be a bit different considering I dont have much of a 'history' in the gym.

    While i know im asking a massively broad question, im hoping you guys could help me with these specific problems:

    1. should i take supplements, and if so, what types/brands?
    - ive read that brands like gnc are crap, for whatever reason. My problem is not knowing if starting supplements is a good idea without previous extensive weightlifting history, and if so which brand to buy and where to buy it (im guessing online is the best way?)

    2. Being new to the gym, would a low rep-high weight program be best?
    - after reading through threads it is to my understanding that this is the best bulk-building program, anyone with a better idea for a program for myself, it would be greatly appreciated

    3. How often should I go?
    - talking to some mates of mine, they say that going 3-4 times a week, one said that i should go the full 4 days in a row with 3 days off. is this smart? or, better question being, would this be optimal?

    My routine is fairly simple, although i dont know all the technical names for the exercises i do, so if you need me to write a list of them ill go through the gym and find it all out and get back to you. Or, if someone has the time and patience to list what exercises i would benefit most from, that would be hugely appreciated.

    Any questions about my post would be appreciated, since i know it means your trying to help!

    thanks again,


  2. i would look into a program like "riptoe's starting strength", or "billy starr's 5x5". they're not the greatest for mass, but they are spectacular for building a foundation, which is essential to actually putting on size. run one of those programs (google them) for 10 weeks, and then move on to a more mass oriented workout.

    additionally, mass is predominantly linked to two things - rep range (8-12), and diet. so if your diet is pretty solid, you will gain size regardless.

    for diet related questions, hopefully the following link will help : Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell) . there's also a sublink within that for a couple ectomorph oriented workouts, but again, a 5x5 program is better for someone just starting out - the foundation is the most important aspect to serious size.

    good luck, and welcome to AM

  3. Cheers suncloud!

    your suggestions are exactly what i needed.

    any other advice from anyone would be amazing but now i at least have a starting point.

    i'll keep you guys posted on my progress

  4. probably included in sunclouds threads, compound lifts are the best thing for you, great for strength and using more muscles, and for building size, compound lifts are like pullups, bench press, close grip bench, squats, deadlifts and theres more make srue to include those in your workout routine, for a beginner 3-4 days is good, i would recommend you workout every other day for starters cuz ur gunna probably be really sore for not exercising, so every other day for starters in my opinion is best, supplements need none just mass amounts of food!!! eat all the time if your small and trying to bulk up thats how its done but make sure their good clean foods not like ice cream, you want chicken, tuna, steak foods high in protein and healthy for you but if you were to pick up any supplements all you need is protein, dont buy weight gainers you can make your own for cheaper, and after sunclouds advice of a 5x5 for 10 weeks move to another workout. also welcome to AM you will be amazed on how much you will learn on here by just reading around man any more questions post em

  5. the great thing about being a noob to lifting is that just about everything you do, you will get gains from
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  6. also, since you are new, you truly need to focus on your diet. Make sure that it is where it needs to be to optimize your gains. Additionally, the only supps I recommend would be Whey Isolate, a good Multi, and EFAs. No reason to add more than necessary at this point.
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  7. UKStrength
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    I can't really add much more to the guys' posts except keep asking questions and don't jump on the 'super supplement' bandwagon too early. Get your training, diet and recovery absolutely sorted first, ask questions and keep posting on AM

  8. Can't add much myself. Just stay Moto dude, develop Discipline. You have already made the First steps, dedication and research!

    Next step is the gym, Follow Sunclouds advice to start and if you have questions this is THE BEST site to help. Welcome to the addiction.

    I an add this though, has an amazing database of workouts if your in a rut. <-- choose the muscle group and look through to get a good grip!

  9. wow! thanks for all the feedback. i could tell this forum was exactly what i needed to get on track with my goals. ill definitely keep you up to date on my progress.

  10. i dont think i have much to add to anything any of these guys said its all really good advice.

    The only thing i have to recomend is that you either have an experienced friend or maybe try a personal trainer for a day (most gyms offer a free session with each begining of a membership) and just make sure ur form is ok on the exercises your performing, If you get the form down now you reap the benefits down the road.


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