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    Hey guys, I posted not too long ago wondering about how to bulk on p90x. After doing the preparation test, I decided that I should get back to the gym for a few months first.

    Before I stopped lifting the first time my routine was MON,THURS ( chest/back) WED (legs/cardio) TUES/FRI (biceps, triceps, shoulders)

    This routine worked relatively well for me during that time. I switched it up once in a while to avoid muscle memory as I was told.

    My question is if I can get a personal trainer or someone with a lot of knowledge to set me up with a bulking schedule that will give me the best results I am looking for. My goal is to bulk (obviously) but also to throw in more ab routines. I always lifted mon-fri, but am willing to change anything to get maximum results. If someone with this knowledge could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys

  2. Hey bud, all I can really suggest is to really hit all those Compound Movements and do as much bodyweight exercises as you can. Heres an example of my work-out that I'm currently doing.

    Chest, Back
    Day 1
    Flat Bench
    Incline Bench
    BB Rows
    Pull Up's
    Seated Row

    Day 2
    Shoulders, Legs
    Shoulder Press
    Side Lateral Raise
    Rear Flyes
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls

    Day 3
    Arms (switch up exercises every 2 weeks)
    Heavy Bar Curls
    Close-Grip Bench
    Hammer Curls
    Wide-Grip Incline Curls
    Reverse Grip Push-downs
    Abs, Obliques
    I Generally switch up the order of exercises and the types of exercises.
    Rep ranges vary, I try to get a heavy set in of 6 reps then hit the last set with a drop-set right after. Never under 6, never over 10 reps. I pretty much do 3 sets for everything, sometimes more on the compound lifts.

    If you wanted you could split it up into a 5 day split by splitting up Back and Chest and splitting up Shoulders and Legs. I just only have time to work-out Mon,Wed, Fri.

  3. The Ectomorph Workout

    there's also a sublink for "westside for skinny bastards" that is supposed to be great.

  4. what about a mon-fri program?

  5. also, typical diet for bulking??? i know the basics just good to see a virtual day or week diet to mix it up

  6. Quote Originally Posted by underboss22 View Post
    also, typical diet for bulking??? i know the basics just good to see a virtual day or week diet to mix it up
    maintenance calories + 500 = a solid lean bulk. don't follow my diet

    Quote Originally Posted by underboss22 View Post
    what about a mon-fri program?
    answered via PM. feel free to post it, or any ideas in this thread and i'll be glad to help.

  7. underboss you mind postin that PM suncloud sent you? i take in everything this dude says lol

  8. alrighty. if you're bulking, do a minimum of cardio - 15 minutes or so, just to get into cardiovascular shape, but not enough to chew up your calories.

    if you're doing a 5 day split, the only rules are secondary muscles can't be trained the next day. that means after you do chest, you can't train tri's or delts the next day, back day means no biceps or rear delts the next day.

    weak point training is always the first day of the week - its when you're freshest. if your weak point is back,
    M - back
    T - chest
    W - legs
    Th - bi's/tri's
    F - shoulders/abs
    always start with compound movements first to build mass, then isolation to build a solid pump.

    depending on age and recovery, my split is:
    M - chest/tri's/front and mid delts
    T - back/bicep/rear delts
    W - legs
    Th - chest/tri's/front and mid delts
    F - back/bicep/rear delts

    if you run your workout like i did, make sure you don't repeat the exact same movement twice in a week - its counterproductive. so i switch bench for DB bench, switch deadlifts for suitcase deads (with dumbells), etc.

  9. if you know what your weak point is, and can make a routine with your weak point on the first lifting day, i'd be glad to critique

  10. awesome thanks man will be pm'n you soon


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