Please critique my WS4SB routine

  1. Please critique my WS4SB routine

    I Put together a new plan based on WS4SB version 3. Theres a typo on Friday, where I wrote "Max Effort Bench" should be max effort deadlift.

    If you're familiar with this program please give me some opinions on it Thanks.
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  2. Looks good man.
    I'd change the Step Ups to Bulgarian Split Squats. Man I love those, they burn you out like hell.

  3. looks like a basic routine are u just starting out westide? i used it in the summer and i kinda messed around with new routines created my own (which always works the best for strength) and now im going back to westide but a couple things

    Monday that seems like a lil too much volume 12-16 reps of incline DB?
    Max Effort should be be working up to a one rep max at most 3 rep max
    Dynamic Effort day should be 8 x 3 something to develop SPEED! with 50-65% of max

    i mean if ur just starting out powerlifting/very low rep training this works but id bypass this and go to a lil more advanced westide routine if u have any experience in low rep training!

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