Pain in my hands and front of calves after working out.

  1. Pain in my hands and front of calves after working out.

    Hey guys, Iíve been plagued recently with shin splints and carpal tunnel or something of the sort. Anyways I noticed it back when I was working out all the time and when picking up very heavy weights and gripped them I would get shooting pains in the palm of my hand and want to drop the weight. I donít know what it is but do any of you know what it is or what I can do to help prevent it? also with the shin splints, I started to run again and the shin splints started to come back is there any kind of exercise or stretch or something I can take to prevent / help heals them? Thanks for the help in advance guys.

  2. I've been gettin that same sort of pain except it is up in my forearms more! All ive been able to find so far thats helped has been just resting it as much as possible. As for the shin splints, I think all you can do is ice them, and then heat them, and do this repeatedly for about 15 mins each; you wanna do each ice/heat 2-4 times a night. It will take some time, but it should help out.

  3. dos that just help out with healing them or dos it help prevent them also?

  4. I know it helps with healing them, but if youve got them a few times now it means youre probably more likely to get them again, so i would assume that doing them (even when youre not hurting) would help to prevent them from happening. When youre feeling healthy maybe just ice/heat right after you go for a run once or twice and it should help prevent the shin splints.

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