I need An Advanced Tricep Workout

  1. I need An Advanced Tricep Workout

    hey guys so i need help putting together an awsome tricep wor out ,, my tric are pretty big and strong ,, ive done em all ,,, give me your work out ,, thanks

  2. Hey man,

    There are tons of good exercises. My favourites are dips even though it works your chest if you bend forward but bend a little back and it'll work the side of the triceps. Also lift weight behind your head, don't know what that's called. I also do tricep push ups on benches. So much you can do, but the dips will work the sides.

  3. Floor Presses
    Overhead DB or Cambered Extensions
    Leaning Overhead Rope Ex
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. mine :

    weighted tri dips
    CG bench
    reverse grip tri pushdowns on seated dip machine - try not to activate your traps.
    rope extensions to burn them down and extend the lower tri's to the elbow.

  5. weighted dips 3 x 5-8
    Reverse Grip Bench 3-8
    Skull Crushers 3 x 10

    Now gather the Vbar,rope, tri pull down straight bars pick 2-3 and start with the heaviest weight u can handle on pulldowns and use the hardest bar.. once u hit failure lower weight and change to easier bar till ur at a really easy weight with the bar u think is the easiest to use and hit 75-100 reps

    u wont be able to take ur shirt of after.

  6. Press
    Push Press
    Dips (can add weight)
    Ring Dips (can add weight) <-My fave
    Dips on a bench with feet extended straight out and on another bench etc. Have someone place plates on your lap and go deep
    Narrow grip bench
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  7. close grip bench
    skull crushers
    french press or overheard tricep extension
    underhand tricep extensions

    all of em are deadly. I make sure to do one big movement before all the others such as close grip bench or dips

  8. A lot of good exercises listed above. Just remember to keep in mind that anytime you do any pressing movement, you're involving the triceps (think about chest and shoulders training). Sometimes less is more and a lot of people may see better results from less direct training. It takes a lot of trail and error. Just throwing that out there!

  9. decline skull crushers...it keeps your triceps from having a resting point as opposed to flat skull crushers


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