T-bar rows for mass?

  1. T-bar rows for mass?

    Ok, I lift on a 3 day rotation...M, W, F. Cardio on T, R, Sat. Rest on Sunday. During each workout I try to start with one "mass" building super heavy set to get the test flowing, and my body set up to handle weight. Usually this means Deads, squats, or heavy incline leg press.

    Today I started off with heavy T-bar rows. I felt the same whole body drain that I love from doing those other heavy compound movements. What do you think about throwing these into my rotation? I got up to a set of 6 at 295 lbs. not counting the bar. Is this heavy enough to give my body the same test boosting effects I would be getting if I did deads or squats?

    I attempted to do some squats after the rows, and simply didn't have the energy for another compound heavy lift. This leads me to believe it should be just as effective for my goals.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  2. I actually did the same thing yesterday for my back workout. I started out with heavy sets of T-bar rows. I actually felt more drained and couldn't go as heavy for as many reps on my pulldowns as I usually do after doing BB rows or DLs. I think you should definetly keep them in your rotation. I'll probably start off my back workout like this once every month or two now.


  3. Tbars are a great exercise for back day!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dg806 View Post
    Tbars are a great exercise for back day!
    yeah, i agree, i don't do a variety of back exercises, but this is definately one that works.

  5. yes i do tbar rows using the vbar handle around the barbell and one side empty the other loaded with plates like arnold does it!



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