Getting back into the swing of things. I bulked up to 205 but now I want to cut back. First time i really start cutting, ii have been trying to be big but now i wanna see the muscle and not just bulky! but i have so far managed to drop back down to 176 but my goal is bout 160 so i can get this baby fat off the body.

the parts i am trying to hit is under chest fat and lower back/side fat.. rest of body is coming on down.. any ideas my training split follows

monday/Wed/Friday training split

monday- chest, tri's
Example flat bench, decline, decline fly,incline, dips, tri extension but do them non stop(jump from one machine to another one motion once i complete rest for a min or 2 and repeat for about 3 sets then my workout done.

afterwards play racquetball...

Now on off days i try to do cardio(racquetball,pucnhing bag and speed bag, or basketball) this is were i think i might over train and get no growth..
on my workout days as well sometimes i go in the morning to gym to do cardio or some high intense cardio then hit gym after work for my workout..

is this over training or can i split everyday.. cardio in morning and workout with weitghs 3 times a day and cardio everyday?

Any ideas on actuall training for good cut down?