1. P90X

    i have been toying with buying the P90X workout with their diet plan. Is this as good of work out that i hear it is?

  2. Depends on your goals. There are a number of freely publicized workout and diet routines that should be just as effective if not moreso.

  3. If you are looking to lose weight then I think it's great. If you are wanting to put on muscle mass, stick with the weights.

  4. Alright then. I was planning on burning off some off my fat and lifting maybe P90x in the morning and lifting in the evening?

  5. That would be a lot. p90x is a pretty hellacious workout.

    I don't think you'll lose a lot of muscle if any if you go the p90x route. I'd use it, strip the fat and then go back to the weights after.

  6. I have a co-worker that bought the set for cheap(used) and from what I hear its pretty insane and a great way to burn fat, get lean, and add a little muscle,....... for the average joe. But there is no substitute for hitting the weights hard as hell for pure muscle mass and strength.

  7. why buy it??? download it as a torrent for free

  8. A friend of mine did it religiously for 3 months...no results. But then again his diet is crap. Can't out train a crappy diet.

  9. I can't speak from experience, so take the guys that have used this with effective results word over mine.

    If you search youtube, you'll see real people not associated with P90X sharing their 90 day progress and their progression is significant.

    I usually judge things by how they're presented. For example boxflex commercials saying "our product will help you build muscle and burn fat without a diet plan" which automatically turns me against it seeing it's impossible to build muscle or burn fat without necessary adjustments to nutrition.

    The science and the principles behind p90x tell me it's highly effective for weight loss. Using muscle confusion, body weight exercises and more importantly giving you an effective diet plan for weight loss (since weight loss is more in the kitchen anyway).

    If someone were attempting to lose weight, I for one would recommend this.

  10. Actually, the p90x program seems like it could be pretty hardcore to me. Ive seen some of the videos, and I can only best describe it in laymans terms as aerobic strength training. I was surprised to see some of the really core exercises for strength being incorporated into what I expected was just another tae bo type video series. From the brief time I had to skim through the dvds, alot of the essential exercises are mixed into the intense cardio sessions, including curls, rows, shoulder press, pushups, pullups, chinups. Obviously this isnt a true strength training program with heavy deads, squats and benching, but I wouldnt totally dismiss the principals and theory behind the making of these dvds. I think with some tweaking, many of these 1 hour long workouts could be successful added into a regular training program to actually ramp up the gains being made or even help push past a stagnation point by adding some diversity. Im not saying its the miracle that some people are claiming, but I am genuinely intrigued by what I saw, and I will be doing some research on this program myself to really explore what its all about. If nothing else, the dvds are for some people cheaper than joining a gym, cheaper than a personal trainer, and more reliable than a training partner who doesnt always show up, plus the fact that the dvds are always there, ready to be run, might also help some people who have weird schedules.
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  11. I just ordered this off the internet, I'll be running a full log on it January.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by GymRat7197 View Post
    I just ordered this off the internet, I'll be running a full log on it January.
    Well, thats a ways away, isnt it. Good luck with it, and be sure to post it when you finally get into it.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by RoadBlocK View Post
    Well, thats a ways away, isnt it. Good luck with it, and be sure to post it when you finally get into it.
    I'm bad for putting things off, but I wanted to save it until it's time to start a cutting phase. It's going to be the first 90 days of my cutting phase. Then after that I'll be going back to conventional free weights, but probably with more endurance and less bodyfat. I'll definitely keep you guys updated weekly when I do try it though. Expect to hear me about December or maybe even a little earlier.


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