1. HELP!!

    I am wanting to start a 5x5 training routine and after reading of threads i am sure it is what i need to do. I want your input in how i should set up my routine, how often i should train, whether or not i should split, and what exercises to include the ones i have been looking are recommended for mass gain which is my goal and they are

    back - pull ups
    back - deadlifts (increases free flowing testosterone by 15%)
    biceps - barbell curls (cheating)
    biceps - chin ups (weighted if needed)
    calves - donkey calf raises
    chest - barbell bench (increases free flowing testosterone by 8%)
    chest - dips (body forward, legs back)
    hamstrings - straight legged deadlifts (ask Kai Greene) - forces your hamstrings to act as the main stabilizer muscles.
    legs - squats (raises free flowing testosterone by 20%)
    legs - the sled (a.k.a. leg press)
    shoulders - military press
    shoulders - upright rows
    triceps - dips (weighted if needed, body upright, legs as straight as possible)
    triceps - close grip bench
    overall - overhead squat (best growth hormone booster)
    overall - clean and press

    I really need help with the organisation of what i need to do as i have a terrible habbit of overtraining because i am simply addicted, and just like eating pringles once i start i just cant stop.(I have home gym this is the only place i can really get advice from so spare no detail)

    regards to Chubs for recommending threads and to suncloud for his thread on mass gaining in a nut shell

  2. True74Seneca
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    Look at my log in my sig, i dont know how you would like it but i though it was decent, its a 5x5 for the most part. Any questions PM me or something.

  3. After having a couple of days to think this is hwat i ahve come up with:

    Workout 1 – 5 sets of 5 reps

    Box Squat – 2 sets – 60 reps
    Calf Raises – 4.5min block
    Clean and Press
    Bent Over Barbell Row
    Shoulder Press
    Tricep Extension

    Workout 2 – 5 sets of 5 reps

    Squats – 2 sets -60 reps
    Calf Raises – 4.5 min Block
    Dumbell Flies
    Rear Deltoid Flies
    Dead Lift

    Work Out 3 – 3 sets of 10 reps

    Clear and Press to standing tricep extension
    Shoulder press infront
    Shoulder press behind
    Box squats – 2 sets of 60
    Calf Raises – 4.5 min block

    Work Out 4 - Cardio
    Heavy Bag 30 mins

    Rest Day

    What you guys think? I have included what i believe to be one pull exercise in each workout, and tried to give a full body in each 1. Not sure on whether i should keep the cardio since i am trying to gain weight any thoughts please post them.

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