A-B-C vs 5x5?

  1. A-B-C vs 5x5?

    Hey, I'm kind of a beginner to weight lifting and I want to lose my fat and build muscle. I have started stronglifts beginner's 5x5, but I have also been looking at the A-B-C exercise on drsquat.com. Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    A-B-C exercise:

    Stronglift's Beginner 5x5

  2. I'll save a bunch of people time, and ask what ur diet looks like...

    Then Ur split / lift scheme...

  3. Diet

    My diet is pretty much meat and veggies. Most mornings I will have 3 scrambled eggs with veggies. I try to eat every three hours but I'm in classes most of the day and it's not often I can have a snack every three hours. Usually during the day I'll have a chicken breast, turkey breast, lean steak, pork chop, with veggies. I have a gallon of water that I fill and drink every day.
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