If you had 30mins to train everyday what would you do

  1. If you had 30mins to train everyday what would you do

    as it says on the tin, if you only had 30mins everyday to train what you do?


    day 1 - box
    day 2 - legs
    day 3 - back and shoulders
    day 4 - combat weak areas
    day 5 - rest


  2. no chest and tri's?

    i would do

  3. Cardio ( i like to run...)
    Back/shoulders (Prolly just shrugs if we only get 30min)

    Repeat i suppose, interesting question...

  4. circuit training. it covers your cardio too.

  5. You would have 5 rounds for 5 mins each and one min break between rounds. So pick 5 exercises and put them into a round and do each for a min. There is no breaks during the round, only after for 1 min.

  6. I would follow the Crossfit modality.
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  7. If that's ALL that I had, it would be circuit training, period.
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  8. Honestly I don't spend much over 45 minutes when I'm in the gym, but I usually get about 6 exercises in and about 3 sets per exercise.

    I end up doing two unrelated muscle groups back to back, so i'm not wasting time standing around waiting for a muscle group to rest.

    Here's an example of a day where I'm doing mainly legs and biceps:

    Squats (3 sets) ----- dumbell curls (3 sets)
    Leg press (3 sets) ---- standing barbell curls (3 sets)
    calf raises (3 sets) ----- ab workout utilizing incline bench, no less than 110 reps total over 3 sets
    And usually do a final bicep workout with one of those seated machines, and maybe alternate that with the leg extension machine.

    If I have a solid hour, this workout would have some back exercises thrown in.

    Note that this workout is ideal for a gym that isn't too crowded, so you can go back and forth between two stations.

  9. superset everything
    Back bis
    Off day

  10. sun cloud

    no chest and tris on their own day would do them when combating weak exercises if i thought they were struggling, plus dumbell flies i count as shoulders because that where i mainly feel the burn even though its meant to work chest, and triceps would get a good beasting of the boxing and presses as a secondary muscle

    does any one have any tips for gaining mass because i am wanting to put some on but have always struggled at it - thinking of incorpating a 5x5 workout once a week lifting about 24kg per dumbell as i usually have 17kg on each one at the moment and complete 12reps a set(24kg i feel is a right weight as before i got into the boxing i was lifting 50kg on the barbell 8rep sets as standard upperbody but never really got any lean muscle just looked water filled, i only weigh 57kg right now, but my uni is stoping boxing as a sport so its pointless me remaining at that weight)

  11. i'd do what i normally do, but if i had an extra half an hour each day, say in the evening ( i train the morning/afternoon) i'd do pull-ups
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