linear/lateral shorts - what's different?

  1. linear/lateral shorts - what's different?

    Hi guys, simple question.

    what is the difference between linear and lateral shorts? I see them when I look for compression shorts. Some are branded as linear while others are lateral.

    what's the difference?

  2. I believe the way the active "web" material is displaced throughout the shorts is what designates lateral from linear.

    Every "linear" pair of shorts I have ever come across has webbing from the glutes to the backs of the knees (vertical banding), while "lateral" shorts typically don't include this (resulting in the banding/webbing running only across the glutes and down the outer thighs). I have a pair of lateral shorts (they're old but I still like them!) and so I'm basing this on personal experience and observation -- hope it helps!

  3. Ahhh. I see. What functional differences have you noticed if any? Do you use lateral for one activity, and linear for another?

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