24hr fitness $299 for 2 years deal from costco.

  1. 24hr fitness $299 for 2 years deal from costco.

    I'm not sure if this has been posted yet. This is a wonderful deal for those thinking about changing gyms or if your yearly membership is almost up.

    Since I don't have 50 or greater posts I am unable to post a link to the site so you're going to have to go to Google and search for "24hour fitness Costco"

    I used to go to LA Fitness at $279 per year renewal, but once I saw this deal through costco I switched to 24hours. Theres no signup fee, no monthly payments nothing. Just straight $299 for two whole years. You purchase the gift certificate online and it arrives in about a week. Then you take it to your local 24 hours place and they sign you up on the spot. It's easy.

    The only thing is you need a Costco membership. No big deal though the costco club card can be had for like $60 or so I believe.

    This membership allows you to go to any 24hour fitness in the United States up to the Sport Level. Sport level is pretty much on the same quality level as LA fitness.

    The levels are as follows:
    Active/Express: These ones are just barebone. They have a weight room and a cardio area plus space to do stretches/aerobics. The one I go to has two squat racks, 1 power rack, four bench press machines, two dip bars and two areas to do pullups(non assisted). They also have other type of machine weights like smith machines and tricep stuff. Plenty of dumbells and benches. Sauna is also available here.

    Sport: Same thing, but they have a pool and basketball court(i believe). Also has more rows of cardio machine and generally is a bit nicer than active.

    Super Sport: I don't know never been here since my membership doesn't allow it. But I hear they have rock climbing, tanning rooms and all kinds of other gay ****.

    Ultra Sport: Same as super sport but even gayer.

    The downside to these fitness clubs is that chalk is not allowed and there aren't any olympic lifting platforms.

    The upside about these fitness clubs is the squat rack/power racks are almost always empty except for people doing traps work and curls there sometimes. It is also opened 24 hours too and the place is generally pretty well kept.

    Oh and by the way, I don't work for 24 hours I just lift weights there.

  2. that is a good deal and I bet members of other gym's the want to renew can walk up to the front desk and ask for a price match, in this economy I think most places would accept it if you tell them you're walking out!

  3. I tried that with LA Fitness. I don't know if they were really unable change the contract for renewals or they're just stupid. They probably thought I was bluffing about not renewing if they didn't match the 24hour fitness price. Yes in this economy businesses must bend over backwards to get the consumers business.

  4. you also need to make sure you talk to the right person about this, don't approach the new guy he will not b able to help you much talk to one of the senior staff or ask other members who's the best person to talk to.

  5. I have two gyms but there is not 24hr fitness here, or else, I would have been there as I have a costco membership because I am a manager at one.

    I have one membership at planet fitness which cost 10 bucks a month no contract, no riffs, no nothing. If i pay 10 and want to stop tomorrow, all i owe is 10 bucks.

    The only thing that I do hate is that they do not allow dropping of weights, and no grunting out loud when your lifting, or yelling on the floor. It is a great place to get "healthy/fit" but not a place to get "power" lifter type strong. The do have a variety of machines which help me know because of rehabbing my back and knee, and some very good equipment, plus about 22 treadmills and exercise bikes, and a cardio cage that has a 30 min burnout session that you can go in and do(cage has preset machines for certain lifts and you just go from one to the next supersetting) so they have cardio COVERED

    I think they have 3 squat racks, 3 benches, 2 smiths, and 2 all in one back machines, plus about 8 leg machines, and several other odd looking things which works some odd muscle group (have no idea as I havent' even looked at them really) .... I think they have massage chairs also, and several aerobic classes, with an abundance of ab machines.
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  6. the one I was using was 150 a year. Not too bad, pool, indoor track, about 80 cardio machines, cable, 3 benches, 1 smitty, and a bunch of various machines for every part of your body.


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