One workout per week

  1. One workout per week

    I have other things going on in relation to sports and other training, so I can only make it to the gym to lift hard and heavy once a week. If you can only make it to the gym once per week to lift what would you do? There are some articles I read in the past that I cant find now, so I turn to you.

    I basically need a good strength workout that will help me maintain what I have currently.

  2. i'd say the big 3 but i've had bad experiences when done in the same workout, bench, squat, and deadlift, other than that do thngs that involve more than one muslce group, pull ups, dips, stanging shoulder presses, and even tho i only see women do them if i only had one day a week i might try it, dumbell squat to overhead press or curl into overhead press, medium grip bench to get tris and chest evenly

  3. Take the bench, deadlift, squat and rotate them. One week do squat and bench, next week do bench and deadlift, next week do bench and squat, next week do deadlift and bench. You should be able to maintain strength just fine with that. If you're feeling up for it, you could do glute ham raises, RDLs on nondeadlift days, military presses, pullups/chins, or even rows. Just pick a couple of the main exercises and do them. You'll be fine if you're doing other training too.

  4. I agree with the rotational set-up mentioned above by WBB -- it seems doable to combine bench press (orits variants) with either squats or deadlifts. I prefer squats so I would end up doing them more often then deads, but that's probably personal preference.

    Heavy compound movements should help you get the most out of once-a-week training. Just as an example routine for reference...

    Week 1: Squat, BB or DB Bench (Incline or Decline or Flat), a variant of Chins or Pull-ups, and Military Press (or sitting DB Shoulder Press).

    Week 2: Same as Week 1, but switch BB or DB for both Bench and Shoulder Press (whichever you didn't use in Week 1), and trade Squats for either Rack-Pulls or Deadlifts.

    Week 3: Repeat Week 1 unless your shoulders are bothering you (some people can't perform Military Presses/DB Presses every week). You could incorporate some extra arm or leg work instead (or just call it a day -- see how you feel).

    Week 4: Same as Week 2 -- with the option of switching out DLs for Standing BB Rows or Sitting Rows.

  5. Bench 5-7 sets of 1-3 reps, Deadlift or Squat after that with the same reps and sets. If u do deadlifts then Squat using the Hack Squat or some machine verison of the squat cuz ur lower back will be fried

  6. I was thinking of something like:

    Workout 1:
    Incline BB
    Arm Work

    Workout 2:
    Flat BB
    Bent Over Row
    Arm Work


    How should I set up sets and reps for something along these lines?

  7. If you only had one a week, I would center each week around an inclusive full-body workout that focused on very high intensity, low repetition work, using Oly., lifts as the base.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    If you only had one a week, I would center each week around an inclusive full-body workout that focused on very high intensity, low repetition work, using Oly., lifts as the base.
    Well most of my other training days are GPP based or I'm doing Crossfit, so I'm already doing a lot of Oly. Lifts. Plus my normal gym doesn't have any place to oly lift


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