How is this possible...

  1. How is this possible...

    Ive been lifting for several years, filled out nicely and my size is going up very slowly. But these highschool kids or early college kids come into the gym and they train bench every other day and same with squats, most of them lifting every day of the week and they are getting huge. they gain more size in like a year than i have working out forever. i just dont see how this is possible. im like, your gona plateau quick... and they never do. they just get bigger and leaner. ya, a few of them throw juice in there but a lot of them are natural too. i have a friend who is the same way, he is completely natural and is just exploding. ugh.

  2. Easy one word answer, mesomorph. Also, regardless if they say they are natural most of the Teen high school/ college lifters who look big juice (some don't know they are when taking these Designers marketed as test boosters). At least this is the case with my experiences.

  3. im gona ask a few of them tomorrow when i go in. if they arnt, im gonna up my frequenct a bit and see if it helps. maybe my problem is im goin more of the powerlifting route and not doing enough reps

  4. i usually get the most out of 6x6 or 8x8 with sub exercises included

  5. what kind of a split?

    ive been doin 5x5 for a bit, at first it was amazing, i grew slowly but consistantly and my strength went up... in the 5 rep range at least. i think i like working up to a max, tho on certain lifts and then going and doing reps for that excercise better

  6. yeah 5x5 i really great for strength for me, but it doesn't produce the desired mass gains I look for.

  7. I know exactly what you mean bro. Im 21 and Ive been hitting it hard for over a year. My gains were minimal, but my friend who started 5 months ago has already gained 20 pounds and lost a lot of fat..


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