1 week recovery?

  1. Red face 1 week recovery?

    Does anyone ever take a complete week off after going at it hard for 4+ months? I havent missed a workout since October.. Sundays are my only day off of the week.
    Whats the advantage/disadvantage of doing so?
    I'm starting to get real tired and giving about 60% in the gym...is it time for a break? One week, will that kill my gains?

    Thanks guys

  2. it's good to take a week off once in a while, it's funny because sometiems after that week off u come back even stronger

  3. I take off for an entire week every 4mths or so and it really helps with my drive to hit the weights, strength and ability to respond to different training styles...

  4. Short answer is yes. That comes with the obvious condition that you dont use 'time off' as a cop-out. But its recomended to take time off if your not recovering. Come back refreshed and give the weights hell.

  5. if your only giving 60% in the gym then yes it's time to take a break I usually do a week or two after a cycle

  6. i get 3 month memberships at my gym and after the 3 months are over with i usually take 4 days off, not a whole week but thats just because i get bored with my time, u will come back stronger because as opposed to a day or two off a week it allows your body to totally recover, catch up on sleep during this time if you've been lacking in that department as well

  7. yes its amazing i busted my ass from June-November and took about 4 days of felt good. December to March and took a good 10 days off came back without aching strength stayed the same just endurance was lower. body weight was the same just had to tone up a lil bit.

  8. i try to take a week off every now and then... i just get to emotionally tense when i dont weight it up... 4 days is a good rest period for me.

  9. Everyone has pretty much said exactly what I feel in regards to taking time off.

    It's mentally refreshing to take 1-2 weeks off from dieting too. But IMO it's mentally torturous to not move weight... I guess we're offically addicts But it's worth it, there's a strength and body compistion improvement in those first 2-4 weeks after taking time off EVERY TIME for me.

    Of all the broski "tricks" that I've learned in the past 2-3 years on the boards, taking time off is the one that I seriously practice and it produces results with or without supps.

  10. Every few months or so you should take a solid week or week and a half off. Eat your ass off and you'll come back stronger and probably gain some muscle. If you train like an animal you gotta give your whole body a little time to completely recover. Don't worry about losing anything, you'll be back in the gym feeling great.

    Lol I just repeated what everyone said..really gotta start reading everyone's posts. Oh well

  11. im curious as well. i dont think ive taken more than 3 consecutive days off in at least a few years. Everyone ive spoken too tells me im overtraining but at the same time im still progressing and gaining strength. I want to spend at least a week off but i start getting irritable and feel like **** after a day or 2. who wouldve thought lifting was so addicting

  12. I rarely take time off. Few people really need it for the level of training that they're at. If you're a beginner, lift for about 5 years then take a week off. If you're burnt out then increase your food, sleep, mental stimulation or change directions for a while. I think way too many people take too much time off and they make excuses for why it's necessary to take the time off.

  13. Yeah taking a week off is fine. Now if u take a month off thats a different story.

  14. I love taking a week off every so often, I find that during the time off I get really excited for when I go back to the gym (helps to "re-motivate" I guess, and get a little more excitement going again). And like others have said, I find that sometimes after a week off you go and find all your lifts have improved, which feels pretty nice! haha

  15. I always take the week off after a meet. I like to get a week off every 3 months or so as well. Not always though, it goes by feel.

  16. I train at a very high intensity for about 6 weeks then take a week or 2 off, it sucks and i generally do a few little things here and the and go running a little bit just to stay active. I find the time off allows my CNS to recover a bit better and gives me time to re arrange my diet and flaws that i noticed i gained on my work out (uneven body parts over/under developed areas) and address those in my up coming work out. I have maybe lost a pound during these times off but have gained it immediately back once starting up again. I think its really good to take some time off just for the simple fact of being able to step back and check out which parts are lagging and what needs to be addressed and lines of symmetry etc.
    I prob take more time off than the normal person but i consistantly keep gaining weight and am very happy with the results i have thus far.


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