Tennis Elbow? Need help with recovery

  1. Tennis Elbow? Need help with recovery

    So I think I may have tennis elbow in my left arm. Usually no pain except for when I train back and bis. Doing bent rows, pull ups, and hammer curls I have so much pain I can barely move my arm after I fight it out for my sets.

    I have just ordered Hdrol and am excited to start my cycle, but Im not going to waste it while I am injured. has anybody else had any trouble with this happening? Anyway to cure soon?!?!? I also work in a chiropractic office and have access to muscle stim, and ultrasound I may start doing that but is there anything else I can do, please help

  2. i get it as well....wearing a compression band and laying off the bicep training for a few weeks usually works for me...

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