Hey guys. I am going to be starting P90X in May and was wondering about suggestions anyone has. I am 6'4" and 190lbs. I was up to 205 but lost it all when I stopped lifting for way too long. I got myself back up to par and am ready to try P90X. I am going to try to bulk as much as I can during it so I'm aware my first step is going to be high carb/protein diet. I will be trying to consume at least 2- 2.5 grams per protein per lb. Also, I'm going to try to do more weight less reps during the workout.

I purchased Jack3d as a preworkout drink and haven't taken it yet. Should I take it before my workouts for P90X? I just got it so i'm not too sure about it I just know it had great reviews.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to creatine or any other supplements I could take? I have a cycle of havoc but I am not going to be taking that until i'm back at my peak. If anyone knows of any suggestions of a replacement that will help me I would appreciate it.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated about that or the workout I will be doing. Thanks guys