skinny fat.

  1. skinny fat.

    Hi all im new too this sorry if this was previously diiscussed im still getting familiar with the site. Well heres my question im one of those skinny fat people arms legs is skinny but i have a really huge gut and some gyno like chest. well my question is do i even have to worry about exceeding the 20 minutes of cardio after a workout before burning muscles.. cuz i believe after a certain amount of time u begin to burn muscle. but in my case i don't have to worry about any of that right until i actually get rid of my fat in my stomach..? or will i still burn muscles even if theres fat in my stomach?

  2. highly unlikely you will lose muscle mass during cardio, and it would be a mistake for you not to do this out of trepidation that you will burn muscle. if you overtrain in cardio, then yes, there is a slight risk you will be breaking too much muscle down, but if you have the right diet, then this shouldn't be an issue. aerobic exercises aid your body's anabolic state by increasing blood flow and oxygen to muscles.

    the reasons you would lose muscle mass are pimarily - bad diet (insufficient protein, calorie intake, or carbs), or bad weighted exercise habits.

  3. by your height and weight I would say if you have that big of a gut you probably are not carrying much muscle mass as it is. I would think any form of resistance training (even cardio) is going to help you gain muscle mass and firm and tone. I wouldn't worry one bit...just get to moving! Good luck!

  4. heavy lifting and 20-30 mins of cardio.

    I do some light weights and 20 mins of low impact cardio every day right when I wake up. Then eat breakfast, then work some, then lift (if its a lifting day). Then sometimes HIIT (or not depending on if legs are coming up in a couple days).

  5. alright thanks for the advice..! so cardio is now in my training thanks



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