Reps for all good answers :)

  1. Reps for all good answers :)

    Hi guys,

    cars at the garage cant get to the gym tonight.

    I have limited space, a 6kg medicine ball, dumbells 1kg-4kg, ab wheel.

    Suggest a good cardio workout from those tools, loud noise isnt an option.

    Im open to anything.


  2. Reps for that link...I love to watch chicks workout
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid? View Post
    Reps for that link...I love to watch chicks workout
    That website is certainly the place to go for that. But the routine I linked to is a real ball-buster, make no mistake!
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  4. Classic circuit training is always an option. Just do squats and jumpies, wallsits, navy jumps, pushups, bridges, etc. Its pretty easy to do these workouts with no weights, and as long as u allow very little break time you can get a great cardio workout in.

    We used to do this kind of circuit training when I rowed back in high school, and it was always a great workout.

  5. For time:
    150 Wallball shots

    *example of wallball shots -


    3 rounds for time:
    21 wallball
    21 burpees
    21 step walking lunges (or sub a 400m run)

    8example of burpees -

    explore the crossfit website, specifically the exercise and demo link on the left
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  6. ty gents.


  7. Russian twists w/ med ball

    Standing squats with dumbbells held out (work delts)
    -Squat down past parallel
    -if you want to make this harder put the ball on the wall and lean on it when you do squats

    Push ups
    -pushups while holding dumbbells, at the extension row one dumbbell up at a time then do next rep.

    Lunge jumps
    -place hands on head, jump in the air and land in the lower lunge position. Jump again, switch legs in air so when you land your in the lunge position again but opposite leg from first time.


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