Shoulder pain??!!

  1. Question Shoulder pain??!!

    Hey bros~
    So about an hour after I was done at the gym yesterday (back day) I noticed a pain in my right shoulder and it became more evident throughout the day. It's not constant, only when I raise my arm in front of me is when it kills me, not when I lift it to the side though. It feels like it's directly where my collar bone meets my shoulder? Thinking maybe my AC joint?? Anyone experienced this? Sucks cause tomorrow's shoulder day, and I'm thinking I should take it off. Thanks broskies!! ~freqilicious~

  2. Sounds like a strain. The fact that it got progressively worse throughout the day could have been from inflammation. Definitely don't try to work through the pain if it's a shoulder injury. For now, try resting it, maybe use some ice and compression to help with the pain. Elevation of the injured area helps too. When you don't feel any pain anymore, start light and go from there.

    Here's something you might want to read. It may not apply to you in this specific situation, but it's a good read nonetheless:

    If the pain starts to subside over time, I would just wait for it to heal up before hitting the weights again. If for some reason it starts to get worse even though you're not agitating it, I would seek a medical opinion.

    Extra Reading:

    The RICE Method

    Injuries to the AC joint (which may or may not be the case)

    Front Deltoid Strains
    - A possibility, since the front deltoid comes into play quite often during exercise.

  3. This is being caused by an imbalance in flexibility in your upper body. Try doing a wall stretch (face a corner, put arms on each side of wall in a pec dec position, lean in and try to get as close to the corner as you can and hold it) 3sets 15 secs 3x a day. Believe it or not this is being caused by tightness in your pec and it is adding extra strain to your shoulder. Also rest your chest and shoulders for one week. Continue stretching your pec and your neck and rotator cuff. If you do this it will fix itself.

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