1. biceps

    First post here, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum.

    Just started working out about 6 months ago, any suggestions on how to increase bicep size?
    Currently doing 10 sets of 10 with 40lb dumbell and 10 et of 10 with 80lb on a curl bar, been doing this for 5 months and nothing?


  2. Reps, are important, but the most important thing is strict form. Don't focus on weight, as much as good form with only the bicep doing the work. Elbows in tight and no swinging, with a good squeeze at peak contraction.

  3. Patience, my friend. Patience. What do you mean by "bigger biceps"? Bigger peaks? Bigger arms? Try working triceps out for a difference. Your arms may get a little bigger.

  4. Looking to get bigger arms with working on definition later.
    The problem is I have been the same size since high school, im 32 now and scrawny as always.
    I was thinking of trying BSN True Mass, NO Xplode and Lean Body for some added protein, I take a multi vitamin already. Hopefully help with putting on some size, my diet is ok but I do eat out alot due to work and travel.
    If anyone has any insight on these products, I would be interested in hearing some feedback.

  5. 2 reasons for lack of development:

    1. No progressive overload - the body adapts to stimuli and there is a lack of new stimuli
    2. 20 sets for biceps is far too much.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  6. Rodja,
    would you know where i could get some routine specifically for arms?

  7. Your biceps are only going to get so big before you have to gain more overall mass. They become involved during most exercises for the back, and since they're already a relatively small muscle group, they need little direct work. Keep your direct biceps work to 4-5 sets. Some people can get by with more, but it's usually not necessary. This is a good example of less being more.

    You have to really watch it when you're directly training the upper arms. Like I said, biceps are heavily involved in most back movements, while triceps become heavily involved during chest and shoulder training (any pressing movement involves the triceps). Less is more my friend.

    Here's a biceps routine that I do at the end of my back routine:

    Barbell or Curl Bar Curls 2 x 6-8
    ** Concentrate on good form; at the top of the curl, contract the biceps by squeezing them - this makes you maintain a conscious effort to keep constant tension on the muscles. 2-3 second negatives.
    Incline DB Curls 1-2 x 6-8 or 8-10
    ** Start with the dumbbells held at your sides while seated on a bench at an incline. Start with your palms facing each other. Curl each arm at the same time while supinating the wrist as much as possible towards the top of the curl (meaning, rotate the wrist so that the pinky finger is higher than the thumb at the top). Give the biceps a good squeeze and then lower for 2-3 second negatives.
    Chins (palms facing you) 1 x to positive failure
    ** When you curl yourself upward, don't sell yourself short; curl yourself upwards as high as you can go, until you can't go any higher. Lower yourself slowly until your arms are fully extended, 2-3 second negatives.

    After each set for biceps, flex them hard for about 10 second or so (I like to stretch them for like 1-2 seconds before flexing). You can also supinate and pronate the wrist a few times, which makes some sense to do since the functions of the biceps include curling the arm and aiding in wrist supination. After you're completely done with biceps training, do a few series of flexes and stretches (10-20 seconds each) finishing with good stretching.


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