how do you measure?

  1. how do you measure?

    ok, everyone at the gym measures thier arms when they have finished pumping their arms. i personally measure my arms on the 2nd of each month after i wake up and flex them cold. i am going for accuracy to monitor my gains. right now i am at 17 5/8th. i have never measured pumped up. when people talk about arm size, are they meaning pumped, cold, non-flexed or what? just curious cause you here alot of measurements and i am curious how people are measuring.

  2. Well like you said measuring cold in the morning is what your real gains are and what your size really is but some people want to sugar coat there numbers so they do it after a arm session where there maybe a little pumped and fuller.

    It is different for everyone in that aspect because everyone measures at different times.

  3. I suppose measuring your arms would be the same as your weight. It doesn't matter how accurate the tool is that you're using or when so do it; so long as you use the same tool and measure it under the same circumstances.

    That's one reason I'd never weigh myself at the gym unless I did fasted workouts first thing in the morning. Otherwise there would be so much variance due to water and food that it could get discouraging.

    Personally change in weight/muscle size is more important than a number on a scale/tape.
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