very fast reps

  1. very fast reps

    Sometimes not too often I'll do sets where my reps are really fast with light weight. I read weight and speed are the most important things in upping intesity. Tell me what you guys think of fast ass repping. Thanks.

  2. All my warmups when i bench are extremely fast, but with excellent form. Teaching yourself to be explosive is important if you are trying to get stronger. You can do speed work, but i opt not too.

  3. Explosive (ballistic) movements are great because they create variable resistance. An accelerated weight is heavier than a stationary weight. Example: if you're DB pressing 60lbs dumbbells, and you explode upwards, the weight becomes relatively heavier than it was when it wasn't in motion. Another way to create variable resistance is by using chains. Also, explosive movements more heavily recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers to do the work. I think this type of training is best saved for heavier weights. Here's a few good reads on the subject:

    Just make sure that you're exploding the weight in a smooth manor. This type of training requires more concentration and you're more likely to injure yourself if you're not paying attention.

    This type of training is best saved for movements that require multiple muscle groups to do work.

    Good pie indeed!

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