Need HELP!!!! please respond

  1. Need HELP!!!! please respond

    alright so i want to push my arms to grow...and i wanted to know some good pre-exhaust combos iso/ you do iso then go immediately over to a compound exercise... or do you finish your iso exercise then go over to a compound?

  2. i do compound first. some people have had better success doing the opposite. you've got to figure out whats best for you. i would say try it both ways, and add up total weights/reps used to figure out what works better for you. for example, if you can CG bench 185x10 reps, you're lifting 1850 pounds + the isolation exercise. when you switch the order, if you can only get 185x8, you had better be stepping up the reps/weight of the other exercise to compensate for lifting 350 pounds less. does that make sense or did i screw it up?

  3. ya that makes sense...what i want to do is just shock the muscle and try to change things up

  4. compound always first to the best of my knowledge
    id shoot for 1-2 compound exercises ( like flat bench and then incline bench ) and then bounce over to isos like flies and tricep extentions

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