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    Ok, so here goes. I don't have a lot of experience in weightlifting. I got a workout program from a personal trainer that looks like this:

    Leg Press 5x12
    Lungues 4x20
    Smith Machine Dead Lift 4x8
    Leg Curls 4x10
    Toe Raises 4x20

    Flat Chest Press 4x8
    Incline Bench Press 4x8
    Cable Crossover 4x12
    Push Ups 3xF
    Bent-Over Overhead Extension 4x10
    Skull Crusher 4x8

    Pull ups 4xF
    Lat Pull 4x8
    Dumbbell Row 4x6
    Shoulder Press 4x8
    Lateral Raises 4x12
    Standing Barbell Curl 4x8
    Alternate Hammer Curl 4x8

    I've been doing that for about 6 months, and I've been looking for a new program. I don't really know a whole lot about this to develope my own, and I was directed to the stronglifts 5x5 beginner's workout, jay cutler's beginner training program, and Bill Starr 5x5 intermediate linear version.
    I've been really wanting to try out the 5x5, but I have to perform a fitness test once a month where I have to do pull-ups, crunches, and a 3 mile run, and with the 5x5 I've been worried about not having any other arm workouts to help me with my pull-ups (which aren't great at all). I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

  2. man id say u only need 4 exersies mabee 5 per body part.... u might not be using good form if u need that much,,,,,, im an experti n chest this is what u do f
    1.flat bench 5 reps 4 sets *
    2 incline bench*
    3 flat sumb bell press*
    4 machine flys 4 sets 10 reps

  3. for back and bis why would u do shoulder press haha

  4. Ok my advice for what its worth. Forget about trying to do everything at once, that gets you no where fast. I have been training for years; my advice is to do something like this for say 3 months.
    Day one Warm up, stepping, Bike etc.

    Squats (smit and go as heavy as possible but keeping form) 10/15 rep and 8 sets

    Leg Press (all about feel and pump) start at comfortable weight and then go as heavy as possible. 10/20 reps 8 sets

    Hack (feel again, different feet positions, your know what works over time, remember to look up when on hack) 15/20 reps 5 sets

  5. lmao smith machine deadlifts whhhaaaaaaat?

  6. I don't know your measurements, ht, wt, etc .. or if suffer from any sport injury(s) that stop you from lifting .. but I have used the 5x5 method for some of my clients ... here is a sample of what I have used in the past and it has been a decent strength and size producer!

    4/5 week program

    Day one

    Barbell squat (get low with good form) 5x5
    Incline Bench Press 5x5
    Split Squat with DB 2x6
    One Arm Cable Row (elbows out) 2x6

    * 2 min rest in between 5x5 sets ... you should be lifting enough iron so that when you get to your last rep in your first set you no it's tough ... not failing, but it should promote effort ... Record your poundage and increase by 5 lbs (or more if you can) each week.

    Day Two

    Pulls Ups (use a weight belt) 5x5
    Hang, Clean Press 5x5
    Cable Pulls (bend at knees/hips and pull cable through legs and reach high) 2x8
    Decline sit ups with med ball 2x8

    * same directions for your 5x5's as Day One

    Day Three

    Elevated Deadlift 5x5 (put a pair of 25lb plates on the floor so you can really lower the bar)
    Dips (use a weight belt) 5x5
    Seated Cable rows (pull it high towards neck) 2x8
    Reverse Hyperextensions 2x8

    * same as above on your 5x5's

    Some notes .... take a 2 min rest between all of your 5x5 reps ... your body will need time to build up your ATP system and get your nervous system under control ... It's a great idea to sip a Carb/Pro drink with BCCA's during this type of training .. not Gatorade **** ... hit your local Supp shop ... You don't need an N/O booster, but something that aids in endurance as your body will work hard if you lift heavy enough and you'll need to fuel it to grow and keep up your intensity .... Make sure you hammer a shake loaded with Pro/Carb's right after your finish up (never miss it) ... and you have to eat 5/6 CLEAN meals ... Don't worry about your arms .. with the pull ups and back work they tend to grow on this program with ease .... If you have a partner you can push your 5x5 sets and if not, ask for a spot... this program will focus on your fast twitch fibers so for the most part you may feel like you didn't do enough in the gym .. but trust me, if you bring it with this program, you will ... increase your lifts each week ... you'll see size and gain strength .... You'll need enough rest ... try not to stay out late chasing chicks and drinking with the boys ... I tell my clients to go one on, one off ... eg Mon Wed Fri ... You'll need the time out of the gym to rest ... and that's when you grow .. feed your body on those off days (no one ever gets big in the gym ... you work in the gym, grow while resting/feeding) ..... Good luck!

  7. I dont understand that original exercise routine that trainer wrote for your... Thats why a lot of these trainers are not truly educated on proper program design..... When first starting a program you should stay in the 12 to 15 rep range to build some muscle hypertrophy and endurance... If thats what you have done for the most part... do a similar workout, change a few exercises and stick to the 8 to 10 rep range. This is more of a strength with some hypertrophy area


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