chest/bis back/tris

  1. chest/bis back/tris

    is this a good split...alternating exercises between the muscle groups working that day with a few supersets and pre-exhaust techniques

  2. Used a split like this for a few months and during my epistane cycle. Saw some solid results. Its a good change up for what I usually do which is chest/tri and back/bi. Can never hurt to try something new, see if it works better for your body.

  3. do you do shoulder and leg together or on seperate days
    when do you take days off
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  4. ya i usually do shoulders and legs the same training for football so mon back/tris wed chest/bis and friday shoulders and legs with some supersets of dips and pullups....tuesday and thursdays i will run sprints using hiit then stretch for a good 20 minutes to keep loose

  5. good... dont forget to throw in the plyos and footspeed drills
    those helped me a ton in football
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  6. If you're to use a split like this I'd suggest doing one on Monday and one not before Thursday, that is, if you really work them out.

    That should be enough recovery time to not overload.


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