Lower back pain

  1. Lower back pain

    I have been getting some lower back pain, concentrated more so on the right side about kidney level. Just curious if it is possible that wieghted decline sit ups could have caused this? If so, what is a good exercise to subsitute?

  2. When you say you've been getting some, when does it occur?

    Could be tension (tightness) in your lower back muscles, muscle strain or "pull", if you will.

  3. If you get a fever go to the ER. It probably isn't kidney related but if ur kidneys fail u almost always get a fever.

  4. I first got the pain after putting my boots on in the morning getting ready for work. When I stood up from where I was sitting it kinda hit me, that pain where you kinda don't want to move for a second.

    Thanks for the heads up on the fever.

  5. If your that worried. I would go see a doc.

    From what you have posted, it sounds like maybe a lower back spasm. I've had that feeling around my kidney. I've also always have had lower back issues.

  6. I noticed you said you are doing ab workouts, are you doing anything to work your lower back? If you've strengthened your abs quite a bit and they are much stronger than your lower back I've heard that can cause an imbalance at cause back pains. Just tossing out any idea, im sure some of the other guys can chime in

  7. I've been doing RDL, DL, pull ups and bent rows for back. Reason I asked about sit ups causing it is because the night before I had the pain I was really pushing with the weighted decline sit ups and kinda felt a little twinge toward the end of a set. I felt fine after finishing, and the rest of the night into the next morning. It wasn't until I stood up that I had the pain. I am probably fine, just wanted to know if anyone else has had similar experience and if there was something I could do to substitute the lift.


    Well hope it feels better in the coming days for you my friend!

  9. hey is the back pain any better or getting worse?

  10. It's getting better, and actually I think I am good to go. I just think I am a little cautious of it. I'll just be a little more careful, and add more stretching.

  11. It's good to be cautious about your back. Stretching and core stability exercises are important. I've neglected them and it can be costly.
    Take care of yourself.

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  12. I did sit ups on the decline bench and my lower back was killing me for awhile, I have stopped doing those, I now only do crunches and my back has gotten better.

    Glad to see things are getting better for ya, but yeah that definitely could have been what was hurting ya... Also go check out a chiropractor


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