Rotary calf machine?

  1. Rotary calf machine?

    Hey i was at the gym today and noticed this machine never used it before and i sat down on it because it really is only calf machine in the place. I set the seat back so legs were extended and it basically just rotated with my ankles now i dont know if i was doing it wrong or what but ive only been lifting since november and i maxed out the machine at 390 for like 12 reps i dont see how i could have been doing it right if i did it that easily. I dont have very big calfs which is why i was wondering.

    And if i was doing it right is there any way to add more weight on it for later use?

    Heres a pic if you dont know what it is exactly

  2. This is my favorite calf machine. Have seen alot of growth with this. I do not think this is the type of exercise machine you are supposed to get a max on. I have tiny calves but am always surprised how much weight I can use on it. I always put it around 210 and do 4 sets of 10 reps with varying foot positions. Keep your legs slightly bent and really stretch that calve out when pushing against the foot pad and control the weight when its coming back down.

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