Hey guys! I teach a one hour class that involves circuit training, followed by sports drill training. I still have a lot of things I can do; however, I thought that some of you would have some great ideas to freshen up what I'm doing.

If you have any plyometric drills that involves a step or a bosu (ie-pushups, step-kicks, squat jumps onto step/bosu, etc.) please comment (and explain the exercise).

Or if you have any high impact movements (ie-jump rope, mountain climbers, jumping jacks) that would get their heart rate up between sets please comment.

Also, we do a lot of sports drills going across the length of the floor (ie-high skips, long jumps, crab walk, power lunges, suicide sprints, etc.). If you guys have any sports drills in your arsenal please share.

Thanks, I appreciate you guys!