Rate my recomp workout

  1. Rate my recomp workout

    Ive kept it simple guys.

    3x12 (60s rest)
    Close Grip Lat Pull
    Incline DB
    Stiff leg deadlift
    Bradford press
    Hammer curls superset Skullcrushers

    4x8 (90s rest)
    Seated Row wide grip
    DB Press
    Leg Extensions or zercher squats
    BB Curl superset Push Downs

    5x5 (120s rest)
    DB Row
    Floor Press
    Leg Press
    Military press
    Cable Curl superset Overhead extensions

    10 x 1min rounds of hit will be done on off days, along with 30mins steady state cardio post workout.

    Tear it apart gents, btw there is only 1 oly bar in my gym, and its in use for the bench constantly, as above ive tried to get around this other ways.

  2. i say it sounds pretty good man. the HIIT provided basically wraps this workout up. good luck with your recomp


  3. 6.5/10

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