5 day a week on keto helppp

  1. 5 day a week on keto helppp

    as the title says I just started my ckd or clycin keto diet and Im redoing my workout around that

    chest is big for me so iplan that on monday after my carb up
    tuesday I was thinkin legs an shoulders
    wenday back
    thursday arms
    friday off
    saturday circuit cardio a lot of full body movments
    sunday off

    any ideas or improvments would be appricated

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  2. The best thing for you is to just experiment with it and see how you like it. Are you saying that chest is something you need to improve? What day will your refeed be on?

  3. not so much improvment but iv been training for a school press record trying to just beat my last high

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  4. and my re carb up day will most likely start saturday morning and end sunday night or afternoon..one calculator said 15gs of carbs per pound of body weight and it was like 2200grams of carbs sound a little much to anyone else?

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  5. 2200g CHO sounds right to me.

    As far as ironing the pumps go, on a CKD there is a specific plan you should follow to ensure youcompletely deplete muscle glycogen. I think the split is

    Monday: Push
    Tuesday: Pull
    Wednesday: off
    Thursday: off
    Friday: whole body

    The idea is to completely destroy any glycogen stores you may have left on your friday workout. Then after that you start your refeed for the rest of the day friday and all day saturday.

    Im not sure what those lifts are like, as I am doing TKD, and havnt looked into ckd much.

    Tomorrow if nobody has responded I can get you more info if need be.

  6. You can use w/e set up you want for your workouts. Just make sure you are depleted when it comes times for your refeed. I would alterante weeks of putting your pressing and accessory work the day first workout after the refeed then the last workout before the refeed.

  7. alright thanks I could use more info on the ckd I read a lot an have the basics but the concept seems kind of out there ya know fats for energy? and I talked to a trainer at my gym about it he shot it down sayin you need carbs for energy but im take 17hd or myoshock and I have great pumps an feel good?

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  8. I did Bodyopus (Dan Duchaine's CKD) quite a while back for an entire summer. I'm with Sid on the Mon, Tues on, Wed, Thurs off split with the whole body trained on Friday. You won't want to do much other than cardio on Wed and Thurs anyway - you'll be too depleted.

    Try to find a used copy of Bodyopus on amazon or ebay. Dan breaks it down in painstaking detail and fills you in on all the tricks and stuff..



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