starting a new workout schedule but have questions and need opinions

  1. starting a new workout schedule but have questions and need opinions

    hey guys, ive been lifting for a while and have nice gains, now im 175-180 at 5'11' 22 years old, and i defintly want to bulk more but i also want a nice toned cut body, (dont we all). well this is my workout schedule rite now, i want opinions and and let me know if i should change it....

    mon-chest and back
    thursday- cardio day
    friday- arms and shoulers and traps

    now my other question , is it too much if i do deadlifts on my chest and back day?

  2. If you want to bulk up and have the time, you could probably switch to a 4-5 day split, and hit each muscle group twice a week. But if this is what you have been doing and it works, then stick with it and maybe ramp up the intensity/volume

    what does your typical workout look like?

  3. I would definitely put arms and shoulders into a day of their own, maybe add them before one of your cardio days so you still get it in. I often do hard cardio after a killer workout without any problems.
    I have yet to try chest and back in one day, but I think I'll incorporate into my next scheme. Arnold was into it at one point for good gains, how do you like it? Or is this new for you?

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