Squat help

  1. Squat help

    So I'm just starting lifting again. I'm not "new new" to lifting, I know how to do most everything in its proper form, and lifted back durring highschool football.

    But one thing that has come back to haunt me is squatting. I lift for health and physical appearance only, so I am always far less motivated to do leg lifts anyway (but I still do them!). But squats are really the WORST lifts I have done yet.

    Ive already come to terms with not caring about how much weight goes on the bar, and try to just do enough to keep it relatively easy to keep good form. But it still because quite difficult. I'm doing circuits right now, and every time I get to the squat, I allow myself an extra min to regain my breath and such, but regardless I still find myself getting out breathe after about 8+ reps. In fact I think I get far more fatigue from doing a squat then actual muscle soreness.

    Is this something that's pretty common, that ill just have to train through? Any tips or such that would help at all would be appreciated.

  2. High rep squats are a cardiovascular workout. Being out of breath after 8 reps is normal, man. It is a full body movement, and I know how killer it is to do them in a circuit! If you want to focus on gaining strength, low rep squats are best.

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