turning it up a notch

  1. turning it up a notch

    So i have gained around 8 lbs from january just from eating and taking some protein. I now want to step it up a notch and get more serious. I slacked the last couple weeks because of school but im ready to get back in it and with spring break this week it will be perfect timing.(im not going anywhere dont worry). I am ordering glycobal and plan to start on that as soon as it arrives along with fish oil, zma, up your mass, and probably essentials. I want to gain alot so I was wondering if anyone could help with a training program or something that will work great for bulking. I am pretty skinny, some muscle but i want to step up my dedication and training and see where it can take me. Any help guys i appreciate it guys, thanks.

  2. Well there's plenty of routines on the net. I'm personally doing a 4 day split right now:
    Monday- Chest/biceps
    Tuesday- Legs
    Thursday- Shoulders/triceps
    Friday- Back/traps

    Great mass and great strength.

  3. whats the best way to go about it when bulking. i just do something normal but would it better to go heavier weight less reps?

  4. defn heavier weight less reps, keep rep ranges 6-8 reps. Try looking at some powerlifting routines

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