New routine suggestions

  1. New routine suggestions

    So ill start here. Summers coming im getting back on the boat and need to lean up and loose my winter time fat. Ive been lifting real heavy gotto some muscle and now its time to lean it out.

    My routine now is
    Monday-chest Tuesday-Back Wednesday-Arms Thursday-Legs Friday-Shoulders/Traps.

    I have a bad bone spur and the heavy weight is finally just killing it so ive gotta switch to something lighter. Im looking to get a good routine to help me rip up and lean out...Along with my diet and exercise that is. Ive been thinking about maybe supersets or something along those lines. What would be a good routine to shoot for? I would like to keep my the muscle group to days like I have now if possible.

    I was my leanest last year and I believe I was a tad under 12%bf (after epistane cycle) And I would love to hit 10% this year. I started taking SX yesterday and btw its freaking awesome. Im fired the hell up haha.

  2. Keep your routine as it is, heavy. To lean up just watch your diet. Cut out carbs within 4-5 hours of bedtime and do low intensity cardio 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes right when you wake up on a empty stomach. You'll shed it off in no time.

  3. I need to change it not only becauses I want to lean but I can do heavy anymore. I have a bad bone spur in my left shoulder and after the last 3 months of heavy lifting its taking a HUGE toll. And I cant do it anymore

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