Building mental toughness through lifting

  1. Building mental toughness through lifting

    3 weeks ago I hurt my lower back on my 6th set of heavy squats. I racked the weight through the pain, and had to mentally control my frustration by not smashing the closest object. It's not the pain that angers you, but the knowledge that you won't be able to perform what you love doing for some time after. I dragged my ass home, applied some icy hot and chinese jow, popped some tylenol and fell asleep. I could feel myself getting smaller by the minute.

    Fast forward...

    Today I got back into the squat rack and repped it out. Great workout and no pain.

    Of course I was a little hesitant to resume, in fear of aggrivating my back or injuring myself more. But I summoned up my will to do it, to overcome this barrier and prevail.

    It got me thinking about how weight lifting and bodybuilding in general builds mental toughness, discipline.

    Another example of this is having the will to eat when your not hungry. One of the hardest things to do I feel.

    How has everyone else built their mental discipline and will, through lifting? Cool examples and stories will be nice to hear.

  2. I have overcome drug addiction through weight lifting. I smoked meth for about a year when I was 17. I was out of my mind. Never slept, never ate. I was at 118 lbs when my parents sent me to rehab. (I was the same height as I am today 6,1) I began lifting weights with some of the guys that were in with me and I have not looked back since. I can honestly say weight lifting has changed my life, and made me mentally invincible. I have an extremely addictive personality, so what ever I do I take to the extreme. I think weight lifting and school are the best things to be taking to the extreme. Working out has been able to keep me away from friends who have countless numbers DWIs, felonies, and who are over all just low life people. When I hit the weights I have this overwhelming feeling of pride in the things I have overcome in my short life time.

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