Best music to train to....

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    Im gonna have to say Minor threat, Fantomas, Death from above 1979, Black Flag, and Circle jerks! **** makes me wanna tear it down but also it helps to add fuel to the fire of pet peaves i have with douchebags at the gym haha esp. posers in tapout gear and hats wtf hats?
    Reps bro, I love Death From Above 1979, I didn't know anyone else listened to em.

  2. hell yeah! to bad they broke up with no hopes of ever getting back together MSTRKFT is his other project........ def. no death from above!

    ps. thx brotha

  3. Slipknot: Sic, Spit It Out, Psycho Social, Liberate
    Static-X: Dirthouse, Chroma-matic, I'm The One, Chemical Logic
    Soilwork: Nerve, The Flameout, 20 More Miles, Steelbath Suicide

    Pantera, Metallica, and Demon Hunter are good too.

  4. Weird Al gets me PUMPED!!

  5. I Think Sinon Was One Of The Few Who Got It Down. The New Lamb Of God Album "wrath" is f-cking amazing. if you really wanna give it 100% and your on a prohormone supplement, check that album out. haha. Also the new Slipknot albums pretty bada-s. the first song gets you really pumped and the second one starts a crucial workout.


    Metallica -Stone Cold Crazy

  7. Quote Originally Posted by aidancolin View Post
    All of these are great esp. slipknot and pantera, but I haven't seen anyone post one of my favs right now. All That Remains is a must on my lift days. They get me pumped real good. Esp. the song Air that I Breathe off of their Fall of Ideals album. When Phil says "I will not choke on failure" makes me just push a lot harder.

    Good stuff
    I have to agree with that album choice. It is indeed a very inspirational/motivational album. PERFECT FOR LIFTING!

  8. randomly enough, iv always liked some linkin park for a good pump up. Some of there music sucks, but iv found it really gets me pumped. Whenever im lifting and feint comes on, i immedietly pick up the intensity and pace without even realizing it.

  9. Dropkick Murphys - Shipping up to Boston
    Kanye West - Stronger
    Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs
    Rocky Soundtrack
    Powerman 5000- When worlds collide
    Kid Rock - Bawitada, Cowboy, All Summer Long

  10. uncrowned- remember your ghost

    trained with it on repeat the other day,.... They are a local band that is getting real popular

  11. Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Disturbed,FloRida,Chevelle- The Red(Awesome),Kid Rock- Warrior(For the Military guys,)Saliva,

  12. Grateful Dead


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